YouTube Marketing Tips & YouTube Ways To Get 1,00,000+ Subscribers

             It’s 2020 and things are changing around the world. What connects people around the world and incidents are mainly internet. There are people who use the internet for entertainment and there are some who consider it as a platform to showcase their talents. One of the best digital platforms used by the world is Youtube. 

         It was a revolutionary change that was brought with the introduction of Youtube to the world. People started using it for entertainment and some took it as a platform for earning.

        Every youtubers golden dream is to have a good amount of subscribers which will raise their popularity as well as their income. Some figure out the ways to get more subscribers themselves and there are some who depend on third party softwares or companies to earn more subscribers which may not be authentic.

           Therefore it’s better to increase followers through genuine methods than depending on third party softwares or online methods. 

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            Those who don’t have an idea for increasing followers, here it is – A number of ways to increase your subscribers recommended by most popular youtubers.


           When a person browses for best youtube videos and if that person comes through any eye-catching name, then it is sure that such person would get connected to the name. Such connection creates an impact on a person’s mind and will be longing to see whats inside this channel. Most of the youtube channels with high subscribers have an eye catchy name which itself is an evidence for this method.  

          When asked for a tip to increase youtube subscribers, this is the first method suggested by popular youtube channel representatives.


        Every youtube channel will be judged through the way it is presented. One of the most important factors in a youtube channel is its icon. A channel icon should be authentic, not something copied and most importantly creative. 

        People notice even the minute details in a channel and there are chances of people following your youtube channel after finding the icon interesting.  It would be better if the icon reveals the content of such a youtube channel.


       It should be kept in mind that what rules the mind of a person is the content that the channel creates and expresses. Therefore having an eye-catching channel name or logo doesn’t work out, if the contents of the channel are boring and irrelevant. Therefore before starting a channel one should decide one or more topics to discuss and shall create contents according to the topic selected. One should closely observe the popular themes and wisely choose the theme.


     Most of the people decide whether to follow a channel after assessing the content. In a youtube channel, the content is the videos that are being uploaded. Therefore the video should be interesting as well as content oriented. If a person likes the content, then that person may wish to subscribe to the channel and it would be useful if ‘SUBSCRIBE’ watermark logo is provided. There are two chances in this case. Firstly people may click on SUBSCRIBE button in video after valuing the content. Second people may subscribe by mistake through touching anywhere on the screen.

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      People wouldn’t  come to a youtube channel if there is no kind of marketing strategy. Therefore one must share regularly about the contents in their or close one’s social media accounts. Social media marketing has a huge impact and if marketed properly, it would surely increase your subscribers fastly. 


        There would be a sensation if the youth icon of all time favourite artist agrees to be a part of your video. Their screen presence not only improves your video but also your subscriber strength. If those celebrities share these videos into their social media platforms, then there is no need for extra marketing.

             These are some of the ways to get more subscribers in 2020. Try these steps and own the best youtube channel on this platform. If followed correctly, there will be huge success for sure. Still it depends on the quality of videos not the quantities. 

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